KTC presents results of study on KY 144

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet presented the results of alignment studies for reconstruction of a section of KY 144 near the intersection with Pleasant Valley Road in Daviess County. The section of roadway is known for its eight curves.

Rick Boles has lived in the area for 20 years. He knows the road's reputation, but he has never had a problem. "I've got a little sports car and I've got big vans. As long as people drive the speed limit there is not an issue," said Rick Boles.

The project is aimed at improving safety by realigning several curves along the mile section of KY 144. The Kentucky Transportation says they will begin the project this summer and construction will start in 2014. Tommy Thompson lives close to the section of roadway. He says the changes to the road will make it safer for drivers. "School buses who travel this won't have to make such an extreme turn. What if they blew a tire?" said Thompson.

Opponents like Boles see speeding as the problem, not the road itself, "The road is fine. this change is just a waste of money," said Boles.

If you missed tonight's meeting and have an questions or comments on the project you can still send them to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet by June 7.