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A New Pool for Princeton


The Princeton Municipal Swimming Pool is more than 50 years old and, consequently, it seems to be in need of some major renovations.

On Monday night, the city leaders passed a resolution that allows them to proceed with the bond issue for the pool.  Mayor Bob Hurst said that they will most likely place a request for $5 million.  They plan on spending $3.3 million of the total sum on a brand new pool but, if they choose to make repairs to the existing pool, the cost will decrease to slightly more than $1 million. 

The municipal pool can be repaired but the majority of the Princeton residents would prefer to demolish it and replace it with a new pool.

"I think that a lot of people come to the pool and, if we have a new one, I think that it would bring even more people into the area," said Christy Hull.  "It is something fresh and something new."

The city leaders are also contemplating adding an enclosure to the pool so that it can be used in the colder months.  Mayor Hurst said that the enclosure will probably be a retractable enclosure or a bubble enclosure.

"We have aerobics, water aerobics, and I have had several ladies from the community send me letters telling me that they would like to have the pool open for the entire year," said Mayor Hurst.  

Regardless of the details, the residents of Gibson County are excited about the possibilities. 

The construction is tentatively set to start when the pool closes in August and it should be finished before the beginning of next summer.

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