Cupcakes galore

While I personally had a fantastic day highlighting a little girl here in Evansville who is helping local cancer patients through the power of pink cupcakes, it's so awful to hear about what happened in Oklahoma.  I've not watched much at all on tv, or read anything online, just kind of hearing it through the newsroom.  Tough to even imagine what happened at that school…

Here though, at another school, it was a great example of teamwork and community.  Paige Miller and her Cupcakes for Cancer effort is going strong, thanks to a lot of help from dozens of volunteers from her school, Caze.  How nice of them to stay after school to bake, frost, and package dozens and DOZENS of cupcakes to help Paige raise money to give the Deaconess Foundation!  They're thinking she'll double her efforts from last year for a total of around $2400, maybe more!

Kudos to you, Miss Paige.  :)  I hope you warmed a few hearts on tv tonight, especially after all the destruction in Oklahoma.

Until next time,


P.S.  Today (Monday), I worked nights, but I'll be back to a regular schedule Tuesday!