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Food trucks popping up in local neighborhoods

Reality television shows centered on the growing food truck industry have a captive audience, and local entrepreneurs are cashing in on the popular new venture. 

You can find a local mobile food truck on Covert and Kentucky. Express Eats specializes in using their smoker and homemade barbeque sauce to create unique eats. 

Eddie and Alicia Thomas have been married 16 years, but for the past year, they've been in particularly close quarters in their newest business venture.

Eddie might look familiar because when he's not behind the smoker, he's down the street at Fast Eddie's, his barbershop.

The pair started their newest business after seeing a similar setup on a hot dog cart, but their truck offers much more than just smoked brats. 

"We have bratwursts, polish sausage, rib tips, mutton and pulled pork," Eddie says.

"The mutton is the toughest thing to prepare because we have to actually pull it from the bone, and get it prepared. It's probably the toughest, but everything is good," Alicia says.

Eat Express is here on Sundays and Mondays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

There are four food trucks in Evansville and one in Chandler. The other trucks in Evansville are River City Roller, Burger Hut and Chomp. Reuben's Taco Wagon is in Chandler.

Coming up in just a few weeks, health department officials say there will be more trucks making their rounds. 

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