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It's a simple act that could save your life and troopers are on the lookout

It's the start of the Click It or Ticket It campaign, and authorities are out in full force looking for seat belt violations.

We've all done it before. Pulling your seat belt under your armpit, leaving it behind your back, or not wearing it at all.  

14 News rode along with a Kentucky State trooper on Monday, and it didn't take long to spot people carelessly using this lifesaving device.

Beginning May 20 and running through June 2, Kentucky State Police are focusing on the Click It or Ticket campaign. With Memorial Day coming up, law enforcement expect a significant increase of vehicles on roadways.

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety says Kentucky has an 83 percent seat belt usage rate. The national rate is 86 percent.

A seatbelt violation is a $25 fine that never appears on your driving record, but law enforcement care less about the fine and more about drivers arriving alive.

"Because the bottom line is we want you to make it to your destination safely, because if you don't arrive safely, it hasn't done anybody any good," says Stu Recke with KSP. 

Citizens can assist by calling toll-free, in Kentucky, 1-800-222-5555 to report any type of unsafe driving behaviors. Callers should provide the direction of travel, a description of the vehicle, and the license plate number if possible.

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