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Hancock Co. 8th graders work to make roads safer

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Some Hancock County 8th graders are wrapping up the school year with a big request that they're getting ready to send to transportation officials very soon.

The students are asking transportation officials to make some changes to this intersection located between Ace's Guns and Century Aluminum, which is an area one family will never forget.

"It's the kind of hurt you never want for anyone," said Sona Miller. 

A cross marks the spot where Miller's 19-year-old nephew, Jonathan Eckles, was killed in an accident over eight years ago.

Since that time, she says life's been very different.

"We've seen a real change in our whole family," said Miller. "The loss of Jonathan was something that just shook us, and I don't know if you ever recover."

Unfortunately, her family isn't the only one that's been affected.

"Jonathan is not the only fatality that has happened there," said Miller. "There have been other wrecks."

To fix that problem, students are petitioning to have rumble strips, signs, and more added at the intersection of KY 334 and KY 3543.

They're hopeful that officials will listen.

"We heard about the last year's project and we wanted to do the same thing," said Ellis Jacobs, Hancock County 8th graders.

Last spring, students worked to get a turning lane installed on Highway 60.

Josh Roberts says it feels great to see more of his students being actively involved in the community.

"It's a more of an emotional issue than the previous one that we worked on, so, but one that we know if we are able to make a difference, we could maybe save lives," said Roberts, Hancock Co. Middle School.

"It's not getting any better. It's not going to get better unless something is done," said Miller. 

The school says it hopes to hear back from officials some time in the fall.

Roberts says the students have gathered letters from companies like Century Aluminum and county officials in support of the project.

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