Gibson County Health Dept. tackling unlicensed home baking shops

If you like the idea of starting a home baking business, you better think twice.

You're going to need a license.

The Gibson County Health Department says running shop from home can be dangerous, and lately things have gotten out of hand.

Gibson County Food Inspector William Tuley tells 14 News he's seen a rise in the amount of people opening up home based baking and cooking businesses since last December.

He says he finds 2 or 3 of these a month, and that can be a problem.

Tuley says lot of times these people have pets and kids at home.

According to state regulations if a person wants to be a home based vendor, they must have a separate kitchen, food permit, be inspected and ServSafe certified.

In the worst case scenario Tuley says the lack of following proper codes could end up with, for example, a tainted wedding cake poisoning hundreds of people with E-coli.

He says it's also unfair to the businesses who do follow the rules.

"Around the square here we're tying to improve the square. We have a lot of new businesses coming into the county. They have tens of thousands of dollars invested in being in compliance with the food code.

If you have questions, or suspect someone is running this type of businesses you can call Tuley at (office) 385-3831 or (cell) 677-0725.