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Officials say the twin bridges needing new coat so soon due to type of paint

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For many, it was a traffic nightmare when the Twin Bridges were painted a few years ago. Three lanes on one bridge. It looks like we'll have to go through that again soon.

On Sunday, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials said the paint's appearance has been deteriorating over the past year. Officials tell 14 News that paint sample tests show the problem is most likely the paint itself.

"We had three 10-foot lanes of traffic on one bridge and then we had one lane of traffic on the other," says Keith Todd.

The traffic was set up for twin bridge painting back in 2007 and Public Information Officer Keith Todd tells us that paint on the northbound bridge is in worse shape than the southbound, but he says it's not certain yet whether one or both bridges will need a fresh coat. Lewis Gentry and Minnie Jordan cross the bridge once or twice a week to get fuel and say they're not looking forward to the repainting.
"It's going to be a strain on people who work in Evansville, travel back and forth and work in Henderson," says Lewis Gentry

Todd tells 14 News that the bridges were painted with calcium sultanate paint. He says the KTC learned that the paint manufacturer altered the paint recipe, and that caused the paint not to bond to the bridges well. He also says that the manufacturer has now been removed from the approved supplier list.

According to Todd, the last painting cost $21-million.

"I don't think the taxpayers should have to pay for it," says Minnie Jordan.

"It's profoundly upsetting that we're going to have to go through this a lot sooner than any of us wanted to," says Todd.

Some good news thought as Todd says officials are using a completely different paint system on the blue bridge in Owensboro.

Todd says the twin bridges have now been put on a waiting list with other Kentucky bridges in need of repair.

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