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Locals explain what they would do if they won the $600-million Powerball

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With the Powerball's record breaking jackpot at $600-million, it's too hard to ignore.

Those 14 News spoke with outside of some convenience stores on Saturday agree and have a few ideas when it comes to what they would do with the money.

"I will probably have a heart attack," says Chris Bean.

"Pay off all my debts and then invest," says Tristan Steele.

Ticket printers across the country have been relentless this weekend as millions have been trading $2 for the chance to win a Powerball record of $600-million.

"If I won the $600-million, I would put my band on the road at all times, pay off everything I had and pay everybody's bills, family, and everything," says Michael Reed. "It's a lot of money."

The odds of winning this record jackpot are 175-million to one. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning, being attacked by a shark, or hitting a hole-in-one three times in a row. Still, there is a chance.

"I like to rub my red hair for good luck," says Reed.

"We got one in Madisonville, one here (Evansville), and we're going to get one in Henderson too, just to try different options," says Bean.

It may not happen Saturday night, but eventually someone is going to take home more money than they've ever imagined.

"Somebody's got to win eventually," says Bean. "Why not try and see if we're the ones?"

It's been reported that one lucky person from Zephyrhills, Florida has purchased the winning lottery ticket from Publix Food and Pharmacy store.

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