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Officials: Twin Bridges will have to be repainted

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There's a problem with the paint that was used when the Twin Bridges were repainted in 2007 and now the bridges will have to be painted again.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials tell 14 News the paint on the bridges began deteriorating over the past year.

Samples were taken of the calcium sulfonate paint and the tests determined the most likely cause is the paint itself.

According to officials, calcium sufonate paint is used as an overcoating to extend the life of the underlying paint.  It is not formulated to adhere to a lot of bare metal.

KTC engineers have since learned, according to officials, that the manufacturer for whatever reason altered the paint recipe, causing the application on the Twin Bridges to not bond well.

14 News is also told that a process of cleaning used during the 2007 project, called brush blasting, exposed more bare metal than was to be expected.  Officials say, since calcium sulfonate is applied as a single coat system, it is peeling off in a lot of places.

The bottom line, KTC officials say, is that the Twin Bridges will have to be painted again at some point in the future, much sooner than expected.

Officials say the paint on the northbound bridge appears to be deteriorating more rapidly than the paint on the southbound span.

KTC officials say crews are using a different paint system for painting the Blue Bridge in Owensboro.

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