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USI students studying abroad sharing experience in Spain over social media

A few USI students are leaving for Spain on Sunday and for the first time in the school's history, those students will document their experience by using social media.

This was an idea thought up by USI senior Brian Lewallen, and he says they will be the school's first ever International Student Ambassadors. He says that by sharing their experience, he hopes to help grow USI's Study Abroad program.

Lewallen will be joined by juniors Matt Rust and Jarae Gibson. Lewallen says they will visit seven Spanish cities over the next month and during that time, they will film and blog their experiences to be shared on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Lewallen says they got approval to do this by school president, Linda Bennett, and that the school itself is helping to fund the project. Lewallen, Rust and Gibson all say USI's Study Abroad program is small due to low demand and the whole point of this social media project is to show other students how valuable a Study Abroad experience can be not only for their school studies, but for when they enter the real world.

"What we want to get out of this, what we want other people to get out of this, is we want to inspire some students, not only at USI, but high school students, as well," says Rust. "Hopefully they'll be tuning in and watching our videos. Really, we hope we can push some students who normally wouldn't have opted to study abroad or go to a different country and hopefully they'll be pushed forward and decide to do it, whenever they're in the same situation."

If you want to check out their trip to Spain over the next month, click here.

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