Showplace officials decide to keep discount theater open, renovating instead

A change of plans for Evansville's discount movie house.

A few months ago 14 News reported there was a 99% chance that Showplace South would close and be torn down because of the high costs of converting movies from film to digital. Now, the theater's Chief Operating Officer says they've changed their minds, and the theater located on South Hebron will stay open.

He says they'll spend about $500,000 on the project in addition to the digital conversion. They'll replace the seats, do work on restrooms, the lobby and the outside of the theater. They also plan to replace one of the auditoriums with a popcorn making factory.

"After listening to the public, we felt that it'd be foolish for us to shut it down because we do get a decent turnout at Showplace South and like I said over the years it has made money for us," says Mick Stieler. "After weighing all the factors, we decided to keep it open."

Customers may see renovations beginning at Showplace South as soon as next week.

Officials say they plan to work on one or two auditoriums at a time so they don't have to close at all.

14 News was told all that work should be done by Thanksgiving.

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