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Owensboro cemetery cleanup leaves families upset

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With Memorial Day approaching, a family is upset with what happened at the grave site of a loved one.

When Christy Miller and her family arrived at her father's grave on Wednesday, they say they were surprised by what they found.

An empty spot is all that's left of Billy Miller's memorial at Rosehill-Elmwood Cemetery. The rest of it lies with the belongings of other families, and it's a sight that Christy says breaks her heart.

"It almost looks like a tornado went through it," says Christy.

Every spring, the cemetery holds a spring clean-up and posts which decorations are allowed during that time. For nearly three years, Terry Brockwell says there's never been an issue until now.

"The problem is not that they took the stuff," says Terry. "It's the way they did it. It looks like a junkyard."

"They have neglected the rules sign for two years," says Christy. "I've decorated for every holiday, every season, going on for three years now and they have never touched anything."

Because Billy's family doesn't have a headstone for him just yet, they say it makes the situation even more difficult.

"We can't have a tombstone or anything right now, and it was just a way for us to find our father and all until we got one," says Terry.

"It's disrespecting the family and the dead," says Christy. "You have no choice of losing them in life, but to lose them in a cemetery, that was our marker."

A spokesperson for the cemetery says that it notifies families every year when it's getting ready to hold the spring clean-up.

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