Will Texas Tornadoes Impact Our Weather?

A dearth of tornadoes across the U-S this year due an unseasonably cold spring and lack of wind shear. Sadly, this changed Wednesday as tornadoes ripped Granbury, Texas…killing at least six people and injuring more than 100 others. This area is located west of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

A few viewers have asked…will the Texas Tornadoes strike our area? The answer is no. However, the tornadoes and thunderstorms brought moisture to us in the form of clouds because winds have been southwest the past few days. Instability...sufficient enough for thunderstorm development but the severe thunderstorm/tornado threat is low.

Why? Wind shear is lacking at most levels of the atmosphere. The pictures I have taken of storm structure illustrate the lack of winds turning with height. Sure…we might have a few severe thunderstorm warnings through the weekend but not an outbreak of severe weather.