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Tri-Staters' stance on Abercrombie and Fitch going viral

Some local Tri-State guys are making a big statement after reports that clothing retailer Abercrombie and Fitch doesn't want big people wearing its clothes. 

Abercrombie's CEO Mike Jeffries is quoted as saying he only wants good-looking people to wear his clothes and that there is no room for fat people in his company.

So, two cousins from the Tri-State recently paid a visit to the Abercrombie and Fitch store in Evansville's Eastland Mall for a photo shoot that's getting them a lot of attention.

"It was crazy. I was taking my shirt off in the middle of the store. I got tired of using the changing room. It was absolutely crazy," Kevin Goins said.

They may not be "Abercrombie material," but that's exactly the point Kevin Goins and Wade Hayes are trying to make. 

"It's stereotyping, basically saying that if you wear Abercrombie & Fitch, that you have to be skinny. You have to look like this. You have to be beautiful," Goins said.  

With camera in tow, the cousins went to the store and tried on T-shirts, button downs and polo shirts in the largest sizes they could find. Letting it all hang out for everyone to see.

"At first I grabbed a large and you should have seen that. It was quite comical. Couldn't even get it around my head," Hayes said.  

"I used to shop there and I would have never, never gave him a dime of my money if I knew that's what his views were," Goins said.  

A blogger from Iowa, inspired by the pictures, posted the photos and the story now going viral on social media.

But these two men say they just wanted to get their message across.

"It puts a sense of humor on an incredibly difficult topic," Goins said. "To me it just seems like it's an adult form of bullying."  

"If it helps one person feel better, than I'm happy," Haynes said.  

The posting has already been shared thousands of times and tens of thousands of people have seen these two men's story.

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