Long drives & hanging in a sewer

Well, it's official.  I can tell it's going to be harder and harder to make myself stay put after work to write blog entries now that the weather is nice!  But for now, here's an update on the past few days…

It's been an enjoyable news week thus far.  Monday I journeyed to the small town of Cannelton, Indiana, in Perry County.  Our new summer intern Justin came with me, and boy, did he come in handy!  (He was able to shoot my rather, um, unusual stand-up.) We've worked together twice now, and both times we've had to drive close to an hour to get to our destination.  Our trip to Cannelton became even longer when I turned the wrong way somewhere and took us WAY out of the way.  We ended up in downtown Owensboro.  If you're not familiar, that's close to 30 miles southeast.  Whoops!

We went to Cannelton for a really cool story about a sewer worker who found what he thinks is a Civil War era cannonball while clearing out an old pipe about 15 feet underground.  Cannelton sits on the river, and this is a possible explanation of how that cannonball may have ended up there, from a viewer who emailed me.  (He seems to know his stuff, considering he wrote a book about the history of the Civil War in Hancock County, Kentucky.)

"There was a lot of guerrilla activity along the river between Hardinsburg and Owensboro in the last year of the Civil War. Most of the Union cannonballs fell through roofs of houses and destroyed furniture, and other property. One of the longest shots made it into the cemetery at the top of the hill at Hawesville. But the bombardments didn't kill anyone and caused limited property damage." –Glenn Hodges (viewer)

If you happened to catch the story Monday, you probably got a laugh (maybe??) seeing me harnessed up, holding the cannonball and being hand-cranked out of an old sewer.  I had to do it, if not for the news story, for the story I will get to tell about it for years to come (and for the funny photo op, of course)! Ha!  Thanks again to Justin for filming!

As we were trying to figure out more of the Civil War history in Cannelton, intern Justin and I were told to head to the Tell City library where they may have information on microfilm.  I don't know that I've ever actually used that in my life.  The very helpful reference librarian helped us out, but on our time crunch we weren't able to find a ton of solid information to include (there are a lot of old newspapers to go through when you don't know what date you're looking for!).  Considering we're only given a brief timeslot for the story in the first place, I didn't dwell on the history angle too much; though, as Glenn points out, there is definitely some there.  I was told Cannelton at the time had a very large cotton mill that was making Union uniforms, possibly making it a target.  Anyway, long story short, it was an interesting story that was worth the long drive!

On to Tuesday!  I stayed much closer to home yesterday, didn't leave Evansville at all.  Interviewed an oncologist, a woman who underwent a preventive double mastectomy to hopefully ward off breast cancer in the future, Mayor Winnecke (about his recent trip to Germany), and the head of the Water & Sewer Utility.  Just a little bit of a mix, eh??  It was my first time in the Civic Center in about a week or so (maybe even more)… it was about time I got back in there!

Today, another long journey.  I came in to work early to make it to Huntinburg by 8:30am for an awards ceremony at Southridge High School.  Senior Ashlyn Bornefeld received the "Spirit of Southridge" award and scholarship which goes to students to persevere and make a positive impact.  Ashlyn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at eight months, but is doing very well today.  She's even been a member of the cross country team for four years!  I'll have our web team upload the video to this post in case you weren't able to watch tonight on the news.  She was an awesome gal!  It was nice to do a story about cross country since that was one of my passions in high school.  If only I could do some of those workouts now.  I'd fall over and pass out a few minutes in, I'm afraid!  Ha!

Ok, enough for today!  Hope you have a great evening/morning/afternoon… whatever!

Until next time,