Superintendent Elect reflects on accomplishments

Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Nick Brake has spent the last seven years improving and growing Owensboro. Brake says one of his main accomplishments has been diversifying the economy once centered around manufacturing and agriculture. "When I started here we had 700-800 people working for US Bank. I think by the time I leave here we're going to be hitting close to a thousand," said Brake.

Brake says when the opportunity came to return to education...he had to go for it. "I would like to be back in education and work in the school system and around students and around professionals again. I missed it," said Brake.

Brake's coworkers say they are sorry to lose him as President and CEO, but they are happy about his new opportunity. "He's done a great job...great leadership...great stuff, but has provided a lot of input to let us evolve a strategy," said Fred May, Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation Chairman.

The Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation budget has tripled and private investment dollars have grown since Brake took charge in 2006. Brake says he is now looking forward to a new challenge. "I will certainty miss working with the staff here, working with the local leadership that I have worked with over the last seven years, our board, the business community. It has been a great experience," said Brake.

Brake will leave his position as President and CEO of the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation June 28 and will take over as superintendent of Owensboro Public Schools two days later.

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