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Mom: Teen son wrote "N-word" sign on school bus, but isn't racist


The mother of a Hough High School freshman says her son made a mistake by writing the "N-word" on a piece of paper while on a school bus.

Four students were disciplined after a driver riding behind a Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (CMS) school bus in Huntersville took a picture of the message. 

"The sign read 'Every N-word shall perish'," driver Erica Mitchell said. "I decided to follow the school bus to let the driver know what was going on."

CMS parent Karen O'Neill says her 15-year-old son, Griffin, was suspended for at least two weeks and argues the situation was taken out of context.

"I said 'did you write it' and he said 'yes' and I said 'did you post on window' and he said 'No. I can't help who took whatever out of my hands'," O'Neill said.

She says another student took the sign from her son's hands and pressed it against the back window of the school bus.

O'Neill says her son is friends with people from all races and believes school officials should rethink their decision.

"He did write it and he admitted it, but he wrote it without the intention of anyone seeing it," O'Neill said.

Griffin O'Neill didn't want to speak to us on camera, but told us off camera that he made a bad decision and didn't mean to upset anyone. His suspension is now ten days, but could be more.

Griffin and three other students were not criminally charged, but may have to complete community service.

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