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Old nursing home reopens as restaurant in Poseyville


An old nursing home has reopened in Poseyville, this time as a restaurant.

After a whole host of renovations, including a new floor and a new grill, the Tail Gate Restaurant opened up in the cafeteria portion of the building.

Owners Chris and James Eaton, of Poseyville, began renovating back in September and have settled on a 'casual diner' theme. They think it's a great place for neighbors, and especially teenagers, to visit and grab a bite to eat.

My son is 15, almost 16 years old and one of his complaints is there isn't a whole lot to do around Poseyville for the teenagers," said James Eaton, Co-Owner. "So we kind of decided to open this up and see if we could give them something to do."

They're more active," said Chris Eaton, Co-Owner. "It gives them a place to hang out together and they're safe."

With some time, the owners also hope to open an antique store in the same building.

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