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Holiday World expanding water park

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A new season is just getting underway for Holiday World. Splashin' Safari opened over the weekend with a new ride: Hyena Falls.

Instead of being next to rides like the Mammoth and the Wilda Beast, Hyena Falls is next to Giraffica, or what used to be known as Pilgrims Plunge. That's because Splashin' Safari is expanding. The park has more than 90-acres of undeveloped land, and Hyena Falls is the first ride to be built in the new territory.

"We're going to have to continue to look at ways to make our water park bigger and better, but also the dry park," says Matt Eckert, President and CEO of Holiday World. "We have three top wooden roller coasters, so we have to continue to look there at what we have to do to take us to the next level. Those are all things that we're looking at and considering. We have but I can't quite give that away yet."

The newest ride should be revealed sometime in the late Summer.

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