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Mother of softball player involved in bus crash speaks out

It took five different EMS services and every fire department in the county to get all 21 softball players, the driver, the coach, and two more adults off a bus that over-turned Friday night while traveling to a game.

One parent of those students on board is speaking out about how the community came together to help out.

The spokesperson for Union County Schools says all but one of those softball players are recovering at home. She says that both the Union County and Livingston County communities have been showing a lot of support since the time of that accident.

"She just said their bus flipped and then the call dropped," says Sonya Gough. "I called back, everybody was fine, and there were no life threatening injuries."

Sonya tells 14 News that her daughter was injured and is now back at home.

"She got some stitches, a sprained wrist, just cuts and bruises," says the mother.

Union County Schools Spokesperson Malinda Beauchamp says other injuries among those on the bus include a broken leg, a broken arm, and a shoulder injury. Beauchamp says those injured were spread out over three hospitals. Papa John's donated pizza, school administrators drove to check on the girls, even a hospital visit from the opposing team.

"The hospitals gave them great care," says Beauchamp. "The Livingston County girls' softball team were just a class act."

Sonya says she rushed to the hospital Friday evening to be with her daughter and tells us all the support from school staff and the community will help the team on their road to recovery.

"The coaches, staff, they were all awesome," says Sonya. "They came to both hospitals and prayed with the girls."

Beauchamp tells us the team member who is still in the hospital is expected to be out by Monday. She says all Union County Students perform bus evacuation drills on a regular basis.

There are softball games scheduled for Monday and Thursday, but school officials say Monday's game may be canceled.

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