Overturned bus, a crashed crop duster, and runaway cows


Where to begin?  We are jam packed with breaking news stories – my fingers are smoking on these keys.

First, a bus full of Union County softball players overturned on a curvy Livingston County road tonight.  28 people taken to the hospital.  Look at these pics!


The, authorities tell us, a crop duster nicked a power line and crashed in Ohio County.  Jonathan McEmber is there right now and will be sending back pictures shortly.

And just a few minutes ago, KSP confirmed a cattle truck overturned – now 10 to 15 cattle are loose on the Western KY Parkway.   "There's a whole herd of 'em out here," a deputy on scene said.  There are detours in place.

Plus, a heap of new evidence against the accused Cleveland kidnapper, the burial of the Boston Bombing Suspect, and a criminal investigation into the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

Watch tonight – you'll have all kinds of new things to share with your friends tomorrow.


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