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Henderson City Commission to review marina plans

Butch Branson, a local Henderson business man, is proposing to invest approximately $5 million into a riverfront project. The project will include a marina and a riverfront building. Branson would like to build the marina where the former Station One power plant currently stands. 

The vacant plant, which is located near the intersection of 5th Street and Water Street, is supposedly going to be demolished by the city soon.

"We already have it on our map as a capital project to take care of," said Henderson City Commissioner Tom Davis. "We have to move forward because there are some unknowns.  We have no idea what contaminants may have seeped into the ground underneath the plant."

Branson hopes to build the riverfront building at the empty lot on the corner of 2nd Street and Water Street. The two story building will have retails stores or offices on the first floor and two condos on the second floor.

Branson has already placed a bid on the site and, according to Davis, Branson is the only bidder. It seems likely that his plan will be seriously concerned by the county.

"There is no doubt in my mind that this marina will be an economic boom for downtown Henderson," said Davis. "It would be a great addition to our riverfront.  We have already spent $10 million on it so it will absolutely add to it.  However, we hope that everybody realizes that we still have some investigating to do."

Davis said that a committee should be reviewing Branson's paperwork over the next two weeks.  The goal is to have it finalized before the next Henderson City Commission meeting at the end of May.

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