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Henderson residents create community garden to spruce up neighborhoods

There's an effort underway to spruce up one of the Henderson's neighborhoods by creating a community garden. 

Melodie Shrader and her husband own the lot on Washington Street and for the last month they've been working on the project. They're hoping many people in the east end neighborhood will participate by signing up for their own 4x10 bed to go whatever kinds of foods or plants they want.  

They already have 11 of those spots claimed, but have eight open ones for anyone else who'd like to participate in the neighborhood. They also have four other beds they say they could use to accommodate those with special needs or the elderly.  

The idea is to involve children and to educate them about foods and how to grow them and also to help revitalize and beautify the neighborhood.

"A community garden. While it sounds like a really simple project, it really is. In a lot neighborhoods across this country and across the world have been what they call an 'eco-tipping point', an opportunity for the neighborhood to get involved in their own destiny. It's a project that we hope the entire community will rally around," Melodie says.

In the front of the garden, those beds are for everyone. If someone walks by and decides they need a tomato, for example, they can just take it, and whatever's left will go to local shelters.

The shelter is being dedicated on Sunday and from 2-4 p.m. There will be seeds and plants given out to those who've signed up.  

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