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Farbest Farms bringing new industry to McLean Co.

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Farbest Farms has announced it will be constructing brooding hubs on a 50 acre site near Sacramento. 

There will soon be a new industry coming to McLean County. An area of Pack Church Road in Sacramento will soon be the new home of turkey farming.

Family owned Farbest Farms, based in Huntingburg, Indiana announced they will be constructing six turkey brooding hubs near Sacramento with the whole project completed by late August.  

The expected cost is over $10 million and will create about 15 jobs. Some young farmers are excited for the new industry, but other citizens are worried of the smells that will be wafting their way.

"It's good, they'll have them in rural areas. There's people that won't like it. We kind of got a saying that if you want to live in the country, then you got to smell the country. There's people that don't like that," says Richard Smith II, of Richard Smith and Sons Poultry Farms.

One local farmer, whose business is on Pack Church Road, says he is concerned the turkey farming will create traffic problems on the small roadway. 

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