Bar-B-Q Adventure in Owensboro!

Ok, well no engagements to report today, rats!  I love a good proposal! :)

Since I'm kind of a day behind, I'm going to turn back the clock to yesterday and fill you in my second journey to Owensboro in the past five days.  I think I've only EVER been to Owensboro about four total times in my life!

Yesterday our new summer intern Justin and I headed south to interview Jason Koger.  I did a story on him back in February, and this was an update.  Jason and his wife are super nice people, so I was more than happy to do this story!!

About five years ago, Jason lost both of his arms below the elbow after an ATV accident.  A few weeks ago, he became the first bilateral amputee in the world to own a set of I-Limb Ultra Revolutions.  These hands allow him to do a lot of things he wouldn't be able to do with simple hooks, for example.  They're actually programmable with a phone app that allows him to change the type of grips he uses.  Pretty neat… and even cooler since he used to have to travel to Texas to update the programming.  I just found out that Louisville is going to air the story tonight!

The shoot went well, and before we left for Evansville, Justin and I took a little detour to a place called Old Hickory Bar-B-Q.  It's kind of famous in these parts, and I think it's even been featured on some national tv food shows!  The woman working in the carry out section was very nice.  She even let us try a few different things since we were newcomers!  I've never had mutton, until then.  It's one thing they're known for, and it was good, but I decided to go with the burgoo.  Justin splurged on the ribs.  Somehow we both managed to wait until we got back to Evansville to eat!  I honestly think I may have enjoyed my sides of baked beans and mac 'n cheese more than the burgoo itself.  They were pretty darn tasty!  Glad to finally have checked one of Owensboro's most well-known restaurants off my list!

Ok, getting close to supper time as I write.  I'm out of here!  Maybe squeezing in a walk before chowing down (not on bar-b-q though tonight:)).

Until next time,