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TPD will be watching you on new cameras next week

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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Toledo Police Department's Motorcycle Unit is days away from rolling out a new tool to help officers see and hear more of what's going on around them.

The department will be getting nine sets of AXON Flex glasses with cameras that clip on the side. The camera will capture footage in high definition.

Not much bigger than a tube of chapstick, these little cameras are expected to make a big impact on the safety of officers and citizens in Toledo by providing a new point of view.

"Agencies that are using this have seen about a 93 percent reduction in complaints against the police," said Lt. Mark King, "Video evidence doesn't lie."

Starting next week, the cameras will be on the side of their helmets or glasses while they respond to calls.

"It's a great system because it causes people to guard their behavior - officers, as well as offenders or other subjects. People know if they're being recorded, that they guard their behavior closer," said King.

Video can be viewed on a cell phone that comes with each kit or accessed from a computer.

"If an officer happens to be sitting at a red light and they see a violator go through a red light, they'll turn their unit on; it goes back 30 seconds and captures that violation," explained King.

King says this new addition will help shed more light on situations police may find themselves in, including life-threatening ones, like the officer slashing over the weekend.

"There are physiological changes that actually occur, where we fully focus in on our threat. It's called tunnel vision," said King. "The camera's probably going to capture a lot more than what an officer actually sees, because it's not fighting for it's life; it's just an object."

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