Epic Comeback

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sanford Wins Special Election

Former Republican South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is comparing himself to the biblical figure Lazarus, who was resurrected from the dead. Sanford easily defeated Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a special election to reclaim his old congressional seat. Colbert Bush was considered a viable candidate in the solidly Republican district because of Sanford's scandalous extramarital affair.

Parkway Zoning Approved

A controversial development planned for the west side of Vanderburgh County got the green light on Tuesday night. There was a lot talk Tuesday night at the Vanderburgh County Commissioners meeting about what the development would look like. The developers kept referring to the shopping center right off the Lloyd and Burkhardt, where Target is located.

Bike to School Day

Kids across the country, and around tri-state, will be strapping on helmets and jumping on their bikes this morning.  It's national walk or bike to school day. Nicole is live with the details.

Bar-B-Q Fest Preps

Preparations for the International Bar-B-Q Festival are underway in Owensboro. Alyssa Hansen is live with a preview.

Foggy Start

Fog early this morning with visibility less than 1-mile in some spots. Today, sun and clouds with widely scattered rain and storms this afternoon. Highs in the mid to upper 70s.   By Thursday late afternoon and Friday, a cold front will bring widespread showers and thunderstorms.  Byron has the 14 First Alert forecast.

Plus we'll have another King's Furniture drawing, so enjoy your day, and we'll see you on Sunrise.


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