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Teens facing charges in connection to Ohio Co. robbery

The Ohio County Sheriff's Office charges a group of teens in connection with a robbery last month. 

Deputies charged four teenagers with first degree burglary and will be seeking charges against an adult.

The burglary happened last month, and more than $10,000 worth of jewelery, weapons, ammunition, and computers were stolen from a Cromwell home.

The sheriff's office says information from neighbors eventually led them to a storage building where some of the stolen property was located. Deputies say they recovered an additional hand gun at another location. 

Five guns and several other stolen items are still missing and they need the publics help in getting the weapons off the street.

"It's important to get those back and make sure they aren't in the hands of criminals or in the hands of juveniles," says Detective Timothy Hatfield with Ohio County Sheriff's Office. 

The teens will be arraigned on Monday. 14 News spoke with the man whose house was broken into. He declined to be interviewed, but said he was happy the teenagers were charged.

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