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Taking A Stand: Evansville's Shots Fired Map

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14 News did a story over the weekend concerning a debate between Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin and the Reverend Adrian Brooks: two local leaders who disagree often, but continue to have mutual respect.    

In this case, Reverend Brooks was not pleased because of a shots fired map the department released on Friday. It revealed most of the gunshots in the city in the last four months have been south of the Lloyd and west of Highway 41.

The reverend said those are areas that are still being developed.

"We don't want people to think that it's so troubled, that they wouldn't want to move in those houses that we're developing," Reverend Brooks said.

That's where I disagree with the reverend. I believe people who are investing in those areas, and those who are thinking about moving into the areas, deserve to know the truth.

To cover-up shootings in a neighborhood just to make a few bucks is despicable. I hope that's not what the reverend was really suggesting.  

Reverend Brooks' other argument about the map is that the coroner didn't release a map of where suicides are occurring in our city, but when you look at it, how would such a map help law enforcement implement a plan to making our city safer? That's what I believe the shots fired map does.

That's why I agree with Chief Bolin on this one.

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