Will you marry me??

If you were hoping to hear about local news in any form or fashion in this blog today, I'll go ahead and apologize, because all I plan on writing about is a very exciting event that happened over the weekend!!  :)

My little brother, who just started his first real-world job a few months ago, who I once dressed up in a tutu and who I love an awful lot, proposed to his girlfriend Jen Saturday at IU!!  I'm so, SO happy that he chose to do this in front of both her family and ours shortly after Jen's graduation ceremony.  I'm also pretty happy I knew about it in advance, or else I would have missed it!  I was supposed to be in Louisville covering the Kentucky Derby, but luckily, I was clued in with enough time for the station to adjust plans and let me off the hook!  (Thank you, bosses!!!)

When it comes to a younger brother's significant other, passing the older sister test is pretty important.  At least, I'd like to think it is in our family, but I may just be giving myself too much power, ha!  Well, thankfully, Miss Jen knocked it out of the park from the very beginning.  We all love her to death, and I know we will continue to be great friends when we become sisters!

Sooo, back to the actual proposal!  It was very, very sweet, even if the moments leading up to it were, shall we say, slightly salty?!  Let me set the scene for you.  Saturday was somewhat rainy in Bloomington like it was here in Evansville.  No deluges, thank goodness, but enough rain to make the umbrella come in handy.  So, once graduation wrapped up and we took pictures outside of Assembly Hall, the plan was for everyone to reconvene at the "Sample Gates" on campus.  I'm not an IU alum, so I didn't really know what those were.  They're these archways that kind of symbolize the entrance to campus (or, at least, I think that's what they are).  At the Sample Gates, we were supposed to take more pictures and in the middle of it Drew (my brother) was going to do the whole speech, down on one knee, ring thing.  Well, what proposal ever goes exactly the way it's planned?  Pretty much none that I know of…

Here's where I should mention that not everyone along for the ride was in on the whole proposal surprise.  Drew told our family and Jen's dad (to get his blessing), but left her mom and her brother and sister-in-law in the dark so that it could be a surprise.  Of course, as we were waiting for everyone to get there, Jen's mom wanted to skip out on the pictures and go ahead and get a table for lunch.  ("Oh, we already took pictures here yesterday, it's ok, I'll go get the table…").  Well, we convinced her she HAD to stay for pictures, so that was one down.

Then, Jen's brother and sister-in-law aren't there yet.  We find out they are actually IN a restaurant saving a table and aren't budging to come take pictures.  As this is happening, I think Jen herself is starting to get a little antsy in the weather, ready to just go eat.  Drew is starting to get anxious, wanting to go ahead and propose!!  Finally, Jen's dad had to spill the beans over the phone to her brother to get them to leave the restaurant!!  So, they showed up and after taking more pictures, Drew read the cutest poem (that he wrote, to my surprise!!) to Jen and then got down on one knee.  She said yes with a smile while I cried through the whole thing (my dad, too)!!!  Just so hard to believe they're all grown up!!!  But they were happy tears, don't worry! :)

All in all, it was a wonderful day, and something I will always remember.  I feel so blessed that my brother is bringing such a great young lady (and her whole awesome family) into ours.  He couldn't have made a better choice.  (Love you, Jennie!)

Ok, back to the news grind tomorrow! :)

Until next time,