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Farming Delays in Vanderburgh County

The corn farmers in Indiana usually have about 82 percent of their fields planted by now but, because of the increased rainfall, only 8 percent of them have been planted.

Paul Mayse, who is the owner of the Mayse Farm Market in Vanderburgh County, grows sweet corn.  He planted some of it last week and he expects it to be fully grown by the beginning of July.  He said that he will stagger the remainder of his corn planting throughout the summer.

Unfortunately, the delays are not only affecting the corn crops.  Mayse said that the soggy weather has severely impacted his strawberry fields.  Last year, the dry conditions allowed Mayse to plant his strawberries early and, as a result, he was able to pick them early.  He said that he is expecting this year to be drastically different.

"The weather has slowed us up.  Our strawberries are going to be about two weeks later than normal," said Mayse.  "We generally have them around Mother's Day but, this year, they are going to be about ten days later.  We should have the strawberries around the 22nd or the 23rd of May this year."

The timing is unusual but Mayse understands that it is beyond his control.

"No two years are ever the same," laughed Mayse,  "especially in farming."

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