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Madisonville beekeepers buzzing after ban on bees lifted


A nearly 40 year old ban is now over in Madisonville. A ban on beekeeping. 

People around town were buzzing with the Madisonville City Council considering lifting a ban on beekeeping within the city limits.

Mike Tomblinson discovered swarms of bees close to his home and collecting the honey would be an interesting hobby. Little did he know that the practice had been prohibited in Madisonville since 1976.

"They're natural, so no I didn't think it would be illegal. It's amazing what is illegal in Madisonville and what's not illegal. You can have chickens, but you can't have a rooster and you can have a llama, but you can't have a horse," Tomblinson said.

Tomblinson brought this to the attention of City Councilman Mark Lee who studied the issue and drafted an ordinance based on beekeeping permits out of Covington, Kentucky.

"Began looking at it and really saw that it made sense to open the door in some careful ways to permitting bees to be able to be raised in Madisonville," Lee said.

The plan would come with restrictions such as a beekeeper must have only two hives, must have permission from neighbors, and must register the hives with the Madisonville City Clerk's Office.

"I'm going to get my bees tomorrow night, so hopefully the council won't let me down," Tomblinson said.

The city council voted on the measure Wednesday and it passed unanimously in a special session.  

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