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Officials say tick numbers on the rise due to recent mild winter

If you've been outdoors camping, fishing or just doing yardwork, you may have already noticed some ticks crawling on you. 

Officials at the Wesselman Nature Center say that there are such a high number of ticks this year because of the mild winter we had last year.

Ticks can carry things like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which can both be deadly if left untreated.

Officials say ticks can live in heavily wooded areas and around lakes and ponds, but also thrive in areas like playgrounds. Anytime you or your family is enjoying the outdoors, it's important to do a tick check to make sure those pests aren't coming home with you. 

"If it's attached and it's been attached for awhile, just be careful pulling it out so you don't leave the head embedded in you. If it's just been on there a little bit, pretty easy to pull them off. If it's been on there for awhile, make sure you're careful about it. They can get in pretty deep," naturalist Neal Bogan says.

Officials say an insect repellant with deet helps repel ticks and if you have a that becomes inflamed, it's important to call your physician or local health department.

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