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O'boro Health staff practices moving patients to new hospital


Over the past several weeks, fire crews have been at Owensboro's new hospital training for possible emergency situations.

Tuesday, nurses and other emergency workers got their chance to practice during a mock move.

Staff prepared for several scenarios that could happen when they move patients to the new hospital on June 1.

"The staff is very excited about the move," said Kelly Morris, Owensboro Health. "We're ready to make the move. It's like getting the opportunity to move into a new house."

That excitement was alive and well Tuesday during the mock move. Morris participated and explains the goal behind the exercise.

"To think about things that might happen en route, so we can coordinate those services so that there is no disruption in the patient's care," said Morris. 

Nurses left no stone unturned.

"We will be preparing for possibly a code blue or a patient cardiac arrest en route," said Morris. "We'll be preparing for if a patient has a stroke en route."

Staff members moved about 10 mock patients from East Parrish Avenue, to the new hospital.

"We want to know that when we make the move on June the first, that we are confident in our abilities, and these moves, these practices continue to help us with that," said Morris. 

Right now, officials aren't sure exactly how many patients they'll move, but Nurse Manager Nicole Duncan says they're doing things to keep the number fairly low.

"We'll also look and see who will be safe to discharge, and we'll go ahead and discharge those patients as opposed to moving them," said Duncan.

"It's obviously better to be prepared then not to have thoroughly thought through all those scenarios," said Morris.

On moving day, the hospital says it plans to start transporting patients around 6 a.m.

The hospital says patients that are moved will have a nurse in the ambulance with them on the way to the new hospital. 

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