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Water turned off after Evansville pool overflows

Officials at Evansville's Water Emergency Department tell 14 News crews were on scene of an overflowing water situation at Helfrich Pool Tuesday morning. 

After running for several hours early Tuesday morning, the water at the Helfrich Pool has been turned off.

The Parks Department says someone must have jumped the fence and turned the faucet on. At this time, it's not secured with a lock.  

A crew from Evansville's Water Department was able to get it turned off with no problem.

Dan Schall with the Parks Department says it could be a prequel to summer, with many students staying up later, and because of that, they'll be taking some precautionary measures. 

"This has happened in the past, where we've had people swimming in the pool but not to the extent of turning on the water. What we'll do to be proactive is we'll contact the West Sector and get some extra patrols out here. We'll make sure all of our exterior lighting for security purposes is on," Schall said.

Schall says while it was a waste of water, there was no damage to the property. The pool opens to the public on June 1st

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