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McLean Co. city taking big steps for the future

The city of Livermore is getting ready to take some big steps in to the future.

Joyce Newcome has lived in Livermore for most of her life and says she can't imagine living anywhere else.

"It's just a good place to live. It's small and I know most of the people here," Newcome says.

Livermore Mayor John Renfrow is taking big steps to bring the city into the future while keeping Livermore small town charm.

"It's been around a long time, 175 years since it's founding in 1837 and we would like Livermore to be known as a place that is progressive in it's ideas and constantly moving towards the future," Mayor Renfrow says.

Renfrow says one of his main goals when he was elected mayor was to improve infrastructure. The city is already wrapping up it's more than $2.5 million sewer rehabilitation project that was started more than three years ago.

"It's a benefit for our citizenry because we will have a system that will function in an appropriate faction for 30 plus years, which we think is a great step on trying to move us to the future," Mayor Renfrow says.

The City of Livermore has spent the last four years raising funds to be a skate park to keep the youth in the city occupied. Renfrow says the city plans to break ground in the next 60 days and hope to have the skate park completed by next year.

"We have kind of become known around the area as the city with the other blue bridge, the purpose of a bridge is to get you to where you are to where you want to be," Mayor Renfrow says.

The city says they also plan to do some sight enhancement in the front of the city in order to make the city more presentable for travelers passing through.

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