Still a little more rain in the clouds for the Tri-State

After 2-3" of rain drenched the Tri-State over the weekend, the clouds and showers will linger for the first half of the week.  Low pressure is dug in to our south, and it will keep the showers and clouds over the Ohio Valley through Wednesday.  It won't be a washout like the weekend, but don't put away the umbrella just yet.  Here is a look at the surface map/weather setup:


Rain amounts are not too impressive, generally only a few tenths of an inch between now and Wednesday night:


  Temperatures will stage a rebound as highs climb back into the upper 60's to mid 70's for the first half of the week:


More rain is on the horizon for the end of the week and the weekend (again !).  We'll have to keep an eye on how the next series of cold fronts to our northwest decides to move into the Tri-State.  Severe weather threat appears minimal for the first half of the week.