Rainy pattern a big departure from 2012

What a difference a year makes.  Last year by this time, rainfall was already well below normal as the drought started to really take hold in the tri-state.

Through May 5th, we've had 19.22 inches of rain this year.  In 2012, we were only at 11.02 inches... over 8 inches less.

Here's a screen capture of 14 Dual Doppler Monday morning with only scattered light rain moving through the tri-state.

You may recall that June of 2012 was the driest June on record with only .15 inches of rain recorded.

At this point, there's no strong indication whether our wetter pattern will continue into the summer, but the one thing we have going for us is high soil moisture.  That wasn't the case last year which exacerbated the drought conditions.

When soil moisture is very low, it's much harder to reverse drought conditions even with periodic showers.  This is the situation the southern plains continue to suffer through.