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14 News talks hats at the Kentucky Derby

14 News was at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday night, and our cameras where there to capture the Run for the Roses, the drinking of the mint juleps, and of course, those hats.

Even in the rain, the hats were a must for many women and men. 

"It has a pegasus horse on it. It has Derby pins on it that goes back to 1975," Louisville resident, Ginny Keane said. 

Hats of all kinds paraded through Churchill Downs on Saturday. Some made of bottle corks, some decked out in derby memorobilia, even a father and son duo sporting their derby fashion.

"We found a lady on the street corner selling them, bought them up," Michael Elford said.

Jan Beaty and her husband drive to the derby each year from upper Michigan. Jan says for her each year it's a new hat, but the same theme.

"I had the flamingo from my yard and we just kind of embellished it," Jan said.

For some derby-goers, the hats are a networking tool.

"I have met people from Japan, a ton of people from California, Connecticut, Texas," Ginny said.

And for others, it's a form of expression.

"It's very festive. I think it's a beautiful way to celebrate the day," said Tracey Howard, who traveled from Las Vegas for the Derby.

Ginny said, "Off and on worked on it for the last four months."

But no matter how long people spent making their hats this year, many people told us nothing spoiled their fun even if the rain gets to their one-of-a-kind Derby creations.

"It won't get ruined but it will get heavy, but that's okay, too. I'm here for the long haul," Jan said.

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