Cut-off low cutting off our sunshine

After this soggy weekend, you may be thinking our pattern has to change soon, right?  Well, it will change this week... a bit.

The reason we've had wave after wave of rain move through since Friday night is because of a "cut-off low".  This is when an area of low pressure is "cut-off" from the main steering currents of the jet stream, those strong winds in the upper atmosphere that move our weather, generally from west to east.

Because this low to our south isn't being moved by the jet stream, it's in no hurry to get out of here.  As it does slowly drift east, the low continues to cycle moisture our way in a counter-clockwise motion.  Eventually, the low will stop influencing our weather, but most likely not until Tuesday night or Wednesday.

But don't put those umbrellas away just yet.  Another storm system will being brewing to our southwest by midweek and will bring more showers and thunderstorms to the area by the end of the week.  At this point, I don't expect any widespread severe storms with that system, but heavy rainfall will once again be a threat, particularly on Friday and early Saturday.