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Tons of trash, groups cash in on Derby cleanup

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - More than 151,000 fans left a massive mess under the twin spires.

Perhaps one of the hottest tickets after the Derby, is being selected to work as a cleanup crew. Non-profit groups go through an application process just to make a buck by picking up bags of garbage.

Non-profit groups, like Boy Scout troops and athletic teams, signed up to help clean up. The annual post-Derby effort provides them a fundraising opportunity.

"We do this and another fundraiser and then we have the money for the year so it's not bad," Aurryella Mason said, Manual High School volleyball player.

Manual's football team also worked trash duty near Gate 10. "Sometimes you have to do the dirty work to get what you want," David Mucker said.

Some groups earn up to $4,000 in exchange for a hard day of work, depending on how many teammates or members show up.

"Getting your hands dirty isn't awful. It's just - the smell takes over and it's so bad. It's just awful," Mia Howard said.

Scouts hoped to pay for camp and uniforms with their earnings. "They're learning hard, physical work. We're trying to teach values. That's one of the values we're instilling in them: how to stand on their own two feet, be good citizens and earn a paycheck," Samuel Stokes said, with Troop 518 out of Portland.

The children and teens work hand-in-hand with maintenance crews. At least 600 people from all over the metro and across state lines worked Sunday.

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