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EPD thanking neighbors for making 14 arrests in burglary investigations

Evansville Police say they have made 14 arrests in connection with a rash of break-ins on the city's east side.

Four suspects have been charged in connection with the burglaries:

  • Drew Groomer
  • Johnny D. Williams
  • Keegan Mullen
  • Adam Gerhardt
Police say vigilant neighbors helped in the investigation. 14 News talked to those neighbors who were instrumental in keeping police in the look on suspicious activity.

It's the neighbors are keeping their lights on and watching for things that make them do a double take, and then reporting it to the police that's helped catch more than 14 people connected to the burglary ring.

"We're more vigilant of what's going on in the neighborhood, what's coming in, who's going out, strange cars, cars that look like they don't belong," says Nancy Cones.

Cones lives at the entrance to the Plaza Park neighborhood. She says she's in prime position to keep a watchful eye and her neighbors agree. They've met one another through neighborhood watch meetings and police say crime scene evidence as well as interviews with victims and witnesses lead them to the arrests.

"I think people are more apt to call police with information than they would have in the past," says Cindy Brinker.

Brinker says her family had a security system installed after the break ins began in November.

"We've just been really diligent about keeping our light on front and back and setting our alarm more often," says Brinker.

Police say the suspects would knock on the door and if no one answered, they knew no one was home and it was safe to break in. Police urged people to leave lights on both inside and out. But just because police have made more than a dozen arrests doesn't mean the neighbors are letting up.

Police say they have not received any reports of burglaries connected with this investigation in the weeks since the arrests were made.

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