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Owensboro High School student with special needs voted prom queen by classmates


Prom night is a big deal and last weekend's prom was extra special for a tri-state student with special needs.

With prom, you have the make-up, the fancy dresses, and of course the crown. It's safe to say that everyone at Owensboro High School was very happy about the young lady they picked to wear that crown this year.

Peyton van Meter isn't a cheerleader, or the class president, but she is a pretty popular student at Owensboro High School.

"She's just so outgoing, just friendly and always has a smile on her face," says Marisa Derenzo. "She's just a great person."

Which is why her friends decided Peyton deserved a little recognition. 

"It was kind of the middle of the year and everyone was like, 'Wouldn't it be great if Peyton was prom queen?'," says Marisa. 

Sometimes plans fizzle out, but this idea? It only got bigger as prom got closer and so last Friday at the Riverpark Center, Peyton may have been the only one surprised when this happened.

"It was really special for us and her and the school in general," says Prom King Josh Hicks.

"You just can't help not smiling," says Marisa. "Like your cheeks hurt because you've just been smiling for like 10-minutes straight just watching her and I know you looked out into the audience and I saw a few of my friends crying because they were excited. It's a great moment."

Maybe the best moment though was when Peyton and her prom king made their way to the dance floor.

"I was planning on dancing with her anyways, but just the fact that we were both prom king and queen made it that much more special and it was just kind of a nice little slow dance," says Hicks.

That dance and that crown mean a lot to the queen.

"I feel special," says Peyton.

And likely always will.

"We're just really accepting and really outgoing towards others and really friendly," says Hicks. "We just want to accept everybody no matter how they are."

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