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Organizers of O'boro BBQ festival prepare for the crowds

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Organizers of the International Bar-B-Q Festival in Owensboro are getting ready for the crowds come to town.

If you're a regular at the festival, organizers say you can expect to see some changes this year.

"There's something every year that you have to deal with," said Bruce Tucker, Precious Blood Cooking Team. "Whether it's weather, whether it's the location."

The ongoing downtown construction means they'll have to shift their setup.

"We did have to relocate a little bit, but we're going be close to the same spot that we were in last year," said Tucker. 

That's not the only difference.

"We've got one less cooking team this year, so we're going be actually probably cooking a little bit more than we did last year just to make up for the difference in that," said Tucker. 

Organizers say they've been dealing with construction and other issues for about the past five years.

Co-Chairman Michele Wright explains that's when experience comes in handy.

"We have a lot of veterans that have been on the board for 10 years or more, and so we've kind of been plan a is the way that it is supposed to be, but there's always a plan B and a plan C," said Wright.

And even though the festival's had to scale back just a little bit, "We've spread out so much more," said Wright.  

The cooking teams are keeping their focus on next weekend.

"It's an experience and a lot of work, but we have a lot of fun, too," said Tucker. 

For a full list of the activities happening during the BBQ Festival next weekend, click here.

Organizers add that they know they'll have to move some things around again next year due to more construction and traffic detours.

A reminder overnight closures on the Blue Bridge resume this Monday and will continue until Friday.

There will be no restrictions during next weekend's Bar-B-Q Festival, but the bridge will be closed to all traffic the following Monday. That is expected to last thru mid November. 

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