Hancock County High School joins aerospace program

Logan Bolling has always wanted to touch the sky. Bolling will no longer have to be up in the clouds dreaming about becoming a pilot. The Hancock County School District recently partnered with the Kentucky Institute for Aerospace Education to bring an aerospace program to the high school.

Hancock County High School Principal Rick Lasley says the program is a tremendous opportunity for the students.

"There are only a certain number of schools across the state that have been given the opportunity. We have tremendous support from our local airport board," he said.

Students in the program will learn about different aerospace aspects throughout their high school career. Seniors who have been in the program since their freshman year will have the opportunity to earn their pilot license. "I'm very excited because I finally get to have a class on something that I want to do with my life," said junior Logan Bolling.

The school district will begin the program in the fall of 2013. They thought 12 students would join the program its first year. So far 20 students have signed up.

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