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Man released from jail after being charged with capital murder in 1993

Vernon (left) and Debra (right) Calloway Vernon (left) and Debra (right) Calloway

A man arrested in October and charged in a 19-year-old murder case is out of jail on Thursday night and the daughter of the victim wants to know why.

Vernon Calloway's release comes only months after his wife Debra who is also charged was released in November. Vernon is charged with capital murder in the 1993 death of Patricia Calloway.

Tayna Cottrell is the daughter of the victim, and she tells 14 News that she found out Thursday afternoon that Vernon had been released. But she says no officials from Ohio County notified her. A call from a relative is how she got the news.

The other suspect, Debra, was released in November as a result of Kentucky House bill 463, which allows judges to make bond changes.

The victim's daughter says she's upset and this has been hard on her family and she's asking for closure.

"Ever since the beginning, we pretty much knew who did it," says Tanya. "We just couldn't prove it and they got locked up and not they're back out again walking free. It's a lot ways from being over. I'm not going away."

14 News' attempts to find out the exact reasons for Vernon's release were unsuccessful due to the jail refusing to release that information.

He is not listened as an inmate on the jail's website and trials for both suspects are set to begin in July.

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