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Holocaust survivor shares her story with Evansville students

She was just a child when her family ran from Nazi-occupied Germany and amazingly from the concentration camps. She live through it, and shared her story with some Evansville students.

Alisa Palmeri traveled from the chaos in Boston to talk at Thompkins Middle School about a chaotic time in her own life. When she was just five, her and her family fled from the Nazi's during World War II, traveling from Yugoslavia to Italy. An Italian town named Amandola and two Catholic priests hid the family. 

Palmeri says she's been sharing her story for about 15-years, because she wants to inspire kids.

"The kindness, the people you have seen lately in Boston, how people have reached to help strangers," says Palmeri. "This is why I think the story is important to show how good will and what happened to us during that period was so much stronger than the evil that was done to our family. We were lucky we survived."

After the war ended in 1945, Palmeri and her sister were reunited with their father. They lived in Rome until moving to the U.S. in 1952.

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