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Fate of Tell City eyesores lay in the owners hands


Officials in Tell City have a plan to get rid of several structures they call 'eyesores.'

A building at 603 13th Street in Tell City is one of 15 properties around town that the city has deemed an eyesore, and that they might demolish it by the end of the year.

"I think it's a good idea, honestly," says Johnny Rogers. "Because it's just an eyesore. There's no point to it, it's a waste."

Rogers and his family live across the street from the run-down, abandoned home surrounded by overgrowth. To address this problem, the city is giving the owners of these properties a chance to present a plan to either tear down or renovate these buildings at special hearings.

"They have 60-days to take care of it," says Bob Young.

By the end of those 60-days, if not action has been taken, Building Inspector Young says the city will start demolition.

"Most of these houses that we're talking about for this year need to come down," says Young.

Mayor Barbara Ewing believes getting rid of these 'eyesores' will boost town pride and for a town looking to attract new business, this plan couldn't come at a better time.

"When you have dilapidated structures that are unattended, it's not faire to the residents who currently live there, who reside in those communities and it certainly doesn't represent our community as we try to market and move Tell City forward," says Ewing.

City officials 14 News spoke with say they hope to have all of these properties either demolished or well on their way to being renovated by the end of this year.

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