A look at some Superstitions as Derby Day draws near

Superstitions: we've heard from athletes in just about every sport talking about what they do and won't do on game day.

It's no different for owners and trainers of derby hopefuls.

"Never put a hat on the bed for some reason for some reason,that's supposed to be bad luck," said trainer Bob Baffert.

Good thing Baffert never wears a hat. And don't get him started on black cats. Apparently, they've cost him the Triple Crown, twice.

"Point given, and we're going out that morning to train and a black cat ran across him. I should have taken him back around the other way, and then real quiet before Triple Crown I was driving in here and a black cat crossed in front of me. I should have stopped, but I kept going. These black cats, I don't know why they allow them on the backside."

Team Goldencents has no worries. They've got Coach Rick Pitino and he's had a great run lately.

"You stay active and you don't get caught up in too much of the superstitions. Am I stepping on a crack? No I'm not sorry," joked owner David Kennedy.

Kennedy says since Pitino only has five percent of the horse, he'll sport the same duds he wore at the Santa Antia Derby.

"It will be a blue shirt, pink tie. We're going with the same outfit. I haven't shaved the derby. I did a little grooming because my kids told me I was going to work in December as Santa Clause."

Don't worry kids, he will not follow in the footsteps of Cards star Luke Hancock.

"No Duck Dynasty," Kennedy said. "It's pretty white, but no Duck Dynasty."

"There's a tree at Belmont Park when you come in the paddock I always walk to the right of that tree," said trainer Shug McGaughey.

Even with a hot horse like Orb, McGaughey will also wear a winning outfit. Going with the look from the fountain of youth, not the Florida Derby.

"It was dirty down in Florida. I don't trust the cleaners down there too much," Shug joked.

And then, there's trainer Ron Moquett. Let's just say he's got some race day issues.

"Don't whistle in the shed row. I don't wear yellow. It's ridiculous, don't take 50's. Straw in the pitchfork, you've got to take it out. Hey, I don't know if it's superstition, but I'm not going to give it a shot to work."

Of course, we knew there were going to be plenty of superstitions on the backside, but a horse with the name of 'It's My Lucky Day,' the connections couldn't possibly have any superstitions, right?

"I don't like people taking pictures of the horse in the paddock, supposed to take the picture after the race," said trainer Eddie Plesa. "I don't want somebody saying I'm going to meet you at the winner's circle, it's like you know, let's get there."

Speaking of winners, and their circles...

"My wife the other day a couple nights ago she was driving and she goes your not going to believe this a black cat ran across the street," said Baffert. "She knows it really bothers me. I said 'What did you do?' I kept going.

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